Sunday, October 11, 2009

DAY 6 & 7: Erie, PA -> Auburn, MA -> Standish, ME

Well the long journey has ended again: another 3,400 miles on the old Gnomey Tripmeter. Even those who love to roam need a little time to recharge their batteries. So I will be here at the lake for a while. Happy trails one and all!

DAY 5: Elkhart, IN -> Erie, PA

Well SOMEONE forgot to charge the camera battery last night, so I am forced to be photographed in crappy cell phone format. Took a detour over the border of Michigan (why does it feel like sneaking into Canada?) and on one side of the street you are welcomed back to Ohio, and the other Michigan. 
A stop at this neat little park in Michigan which was once a hide out for Al Capone—now it has these rustic looking bridges which are actually made of cement to look like wood.

Then back on the road, destination Erie! for beer, wings and Heather. Ahhhhh, perfect end to a long day on the road.

DAY 4: Grinnell, IA -> Elkhart, IN (418 miles)

How odd to be in Colorado one day and Indiana the next! Well without aid of an airplane of course.

But before we got to Indiana, I stopped off to pose with an original Lincoln Highway marker (the first American transcontinental interstate started in 1913, which went from New York to San Francisco and later became much of I-80) here in Dekalb, IL. Ah motoring history, the gnome's favorite subject in School for the Roaming Arts!

DAY 3: Brighton, CO -> Grinnell, IA (752 miles)

My quest to cover America continues! Today a stop on the way out of 'colorful Colorado' to salute the Pony Express. Tall ho pre-Postal Service mail carriers!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DAY 2: Beaver, UT -> Brighton, CO (615 miles)

Ah yes, much better. Here we go, majestic mountains! Sweeping mesas! America!

We head through southern Utah today and then chug chug chug up the mountains in Colorado... what is this white stuff! And why is it so cold and windy!

Here I am on photo op with an abandoned coal chute.

Guess who's back!

Yes, it is I, the Los Angeles Roaming Gnome, back from hibernation... well almost. We have set out again on a cross country journey, but katt has once again taken up all of the front seat. The nerve. So we set off up the 15 again and... *YAWN*, I must have drifted off there for a moment. See, we've done this route 3 times this year already. I'll be in my sleeping bag until we get somewhere new and interesting.

Oh hello, Beaver, UT! *titter, titter*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 7: NM->AZ->CA, Getting My Kicks on Rte 66

Ah yes, our final day on the road, finally!
Stopped at a few roadside rests on the infamous Rt. 66 (here katt and I check out the saddest one of the bunch from a safe distance) Not much going on in this close to the interstate anymore, everybody's just go!go!go! these days.

Another successful road trip and now we're home safe and sound. After almost 6,000 miles in 2 months it's time to hibernate and rest up, just in case a gnome-napping occurs. Nice travelin' witchya!